2017 |
Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze 1 - Ravenna
28 ottobre - 5 novembre
28 ottobre - 5 novembre 2017 | Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze 1 - Ravenna


In this edition will also celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Nirvana, by the Academy Award Gabriele Salvatores, a cult movie, perhaps the first example of Italian science fiction film.  And personal view of Salvatores, where the director faces, with the most dearest actors, a lots of different themes and obsessions: escape, journey, friendship. For this occasion, Nirvana will be presented in its original version, on 35mm print, in one of the last rare copies kept in Italian film library.

The screening of the film becomes the occasion to propose a discussion about the Italian fantastic genre. Already dominated by its realistic vocation, Italian cinema has nevertheless been able to demonstrate extraordinary vitality in the so-called "non-native" genres, like western, detective story, horror. Among them, science-fiction has imposed itself with difficulty. The twentieth anniversary and the recent success of Jeeg Robot, show that also our national cinema can create high-value products, from cyberpunk to superheroism. During the Opening Night, the traditional opening event of the Festival, critics, directors and experts of Italian science fiction will talk about this topic.


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