2017 |
Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze 1 - Ravenna
28 ottobre - 5 novembre
28 ottobre - 5 novembre 2017 | Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze 1 - Ravenna


The two festivals presented the main events that will take place from Saturday 28th October to Sunday 5th November 2017 in Ravenna. Come to discover all the festival sections, preview movies, events and many guests from Monday 9th October on ourwebsite.


44 films in 3 screens
120 hours of planning
8 worldwide previews
4 European previews
National and international guests including the The Walking Dead film  director Julius Ramsay,

Angel's sceening, produced by Jaco van Dormael,
director of God exists and lives in Brussels
 the preview of The Arcadian by the director Dekker Dreyer host at the Festival
Q & A and Off Screen with international directors
Master Class with Alessandro Fabbri (author of tv series 1992 and 1993) and Valerio Evangelisti, the "father" of Eymerich

estAsia, cinema comes from the East, XV Ottobre Giapponese
The great Classic movies like Elevator to the Gallows, with Jeanne Moreau, and The Third Man with Orson Wells Nosferatu with live music by Maestro Marco Dalpane
Eraserhead by David Lynch and the second appointment of “The Art of Silence" with David Lynch Foundation and Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani of Ravenna
An evening dedicated to international short films in collaboration with Circolo Sogni "Antonio Ricci"
The birth of Nigthtmare School with the first Sold Out & 30 Nativi Nightmare & 70 accreditation
The Opening Night dedicated to Nirvana by Gabriele Salvatores
The Bar & The Permanent Library & The Bloodbuster Stand
The literary appointments organized by GialloLuna NeroNotte


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