Ravenna Nightmare Festival Premieres are back on the occasion of Cinema Days 2019, that from 1st to 4th April will make going to the movies cost only 3€!
Launching the cycle of auteur film previews in original language will be Border by Iranian-Swedish director Ali Abbasi, awarded as Best Film in Festival de Cannes 2018's Un Certain Regard section. The film will be screened on April 4th, 9 pm, at CinemaCity Ravenna. As usual for our Festival Premieres, don't forget to keep the ticket and you'll get a free entrance at Ravenna Nightmare's XVII edition.

is a film that worries and fascinates at the same time, a love story between not so human beings that push us to question the meaning of humanity. Is it nature or culture that defines who we are? In the film this eternal interrogative developes in a storyline between fantasy and crime, mixing social chronicle and fantastic atmosphere.

Main character is Tina, a woman troll who works as a custom agent equipped with an inffalible nose of human ugliness. Traveler after traveler, Tine feels fear, shame, guilt. She doesn't miss anything, until she meets Vore, who also is a difform being in a world full of ferocious Sapiens. Tina noses Vore's guilt, but she doesn't understand its origin.
With a criminal investigation going on in the background, the woman - played by a powerful Eva Melander - indulges in a wild relationship that soon reveals her true nature, forcing her to choose between integration or exclusion.

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