Out now in cinemas Once Upon A Time In London, the new film directed by Simon Rumley that came out in the U.K. last Friday April 19th. The film is available also in digital HD on iTunes Store.

Two time winner at Ravenna Nightmare past editions - where the director has presented 5 of his feature films The Living and the Dead, Red White & Blue, Little Deaths, Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word and Fashionista - Simon Rumley is back in cinemas with an epic gangster movie set in the criminal London at the beginning of XX century.

Bringing for the first time on the screen the violent reign of two notorious London-based gangsters - Billy Hill and Jack 'Spot' Comer - Once Upon A Time In London charts the epic rise and legendary fall of a nationwide criminal empire that lasted until mid-50s paving the way for the famous Kray Twins & The Richardsons.

«Once Upon A Time In London felt like the natural progression from where I’ve come from artistically.» As Rumley revealed during an interview for We Are Cult. «All my movies have been ‘extreme dramas’ whether in the horror, thriller or heightened reality genre. And gangster movies are the best examples of that because you can go from emotional drama to horrific violence in a flash. I’ve done period films before – Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word and Crowhurst – but never in these British decades, and I’ve always dwelt on love, loss, threat and passion. Once Upon A Time In London felt like the perfect fit and the perfect time in my career when I need to be more commercially minded.»

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