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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione

Ghost Son

di Lamberto Bava
Italia, Sudafrica, Spagna, Gran Bretagna 2007  96'
Cast Laura Harring, John Hannah, Pete Postlethwaite, Coralina Cataldi Tassoni
Sceneggiatura  Silvia Ranfagni, Lamberto Bava
Produttore  Pino e Enzo Gargiulo, Marco Guidone, Terence S. Potter, Jaqueline Quella, Gianni Ricci, Paul Raleigh, Liza Essers, Enrico Coletti, Richard Green

Stacey and Mark, deeply in love, live on an isolated South African farm. Their home soon turns into a disquieting mansion, as nightmarish presences haunt Stacey. She begins experiencing a frightening dimension in which reality and imagination merge. An elegantly staged ghost story which keeps the Italian tradition of genre cinema alive.


Nota biografica

Born in Rome in 1944, Lamberto Bava is a director, a screenwriter, a film and television producer, a writer. His family name is a landmark in the history of cinema: his father Mario is the creator of Italian gothic genre; his grandfather Eugenio, an artist and a sculptor, worked as a cinematographer with Giovanni Pastrone (Cabiria) and with the Lumière brothers; Lamberto's son, Roy, is an esteemed assistant director and contributed to The Card Player by Dario Argento. The great tradition of Italian horror cinema begins with Mario Bava's Black Sunday and ends with Demons, shot by Lamberto. Considered as the inventor of the "new postmodern horror" genre, he also made a stand in the history of television with innovative productions such as Fantaghirò.


Tani Canevari

Davide Bassan

Raimondo Aiello

Paolo Vivaldi

Star Edizioni Cinematografiche, C.R.C., A.E. Media Corporation, Ghost Son Films, Camarote Films, Moviworld

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