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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


di Alex Infascelli
Italia 2022  90'
Cast Raffaele Minichiello
Sceneggiatura  Alex Infascelli, Vincenzo Scuccimarra
Produttore  Silvia Bonanni, Marco Di Pasqua, Gabriele Immirzi, Valeria Licurgo, Lorenzo Mieli, Marta Salandi, Martina Veltroni
Contatti  Wanted

On October 31, 1969, an announcement interrupted US television broadcasts: an armed man took control of a TWA jet departing from Los Angeles and headed to San Francisco. Final destination: Rome. Thus began the longest hijacking in the history of aviation. While America follows the odyssey of TWA Flight 85 on television, FBI agents discover that the hijacker is Raffaele Minichiello, 19 years old, who emigrated to the USA from Irpinia after the 1962 earthquake, a highly decorated marine and veteran of the war in Vietnam. Fifty years later, Raffaele recounts his life to director Alex Infascelli, with subtle amusement, almost as if to challenge a destiny that had earthquakes, wars, personal tragedies and troubles of all sorts in store for him.

Nota biografica

Born in Rome in 1967, Alex Infascelli is a director and screenwriter. Musician, he works in the United States as assistant director of videos for Kiss, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Prince, Michael Jackson. In Italy he directs videos for Frankie hi-nrg mc, Luca Carboni, Daniele Silvestri, Tiromancino. He participates in the collective films De Generazione (1994) and Esercizi di Stile (1996). He shoots the video for Alice, a song by the Cocteau Twins included in the soundtrack of I dance alone by Bernardo Bertolucci. His first feature film dates back to 2000: the postmodern thriller Almost blue, based on the novel of the same name by Carlo Lucarelli, with which Alex won the David di Donatello, the Ciak d'oro and the Nastro d'argento as best debut director. Followed by Il serum della vanità (2003) and H2Odio (2006), Petty marital crimes (2017) and the acclaimed documentaries S Is for Stanley (2015) and My name is Francesco Totti (2020), both awarded the David di Donatello. He directed the series Killer Women and In the Name of Evil. His novel Now, here, nowhere. Now, here, nowhere is it released in 2022.


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