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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


di Adachi Masao
Giappone  2022  75'
Cast Soran Tamoto, Satoko Iwasaki, Yusuke Takahashi
Produttore  Kato Baizo
Contatti  Dog Sugar

Kawakami Tatsuya grew up in a wealthy family. However, his life changes when his father, exhausted by work and stress, commits suicide. His mother becomes a member of the Unification Church, but ends up being manipulated by it. Following the teachings of the sect, he donates all his savings, condemning the family to bankruptcy. Tatsuya is devastated. One day he hears the news that former Prime Minister Abe is coming to the place where he grew up for a rally. Tatsuya, who believes Abe colluded with the Unification Church, thus plans a way to take revenge.

Nota biografica

Adachi Masao was born in 1939. While a student in the film department of Nihon University's College of Art, he rose to prominence with his independent film Sain. In 1971 he traveled to Palestine with the late Wakamatsu Koji to join the guerrilla forces of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and filmed and produced Red Army - PFLP: Declaration of World War, which portrayed the daily lives of Palestinian guerrillas. In 2007 he resumed his creative activities in Japan, directing his first film in 35 years, The Prisoner: A Terrorist, based on Red Army member Okamoto Kozo. Then, in 2015, he directed The Fasting Artist, based on a story by Kafka. In the summer of 2022, the killing of former Prime Minister Abe shook public opinion and the political world of Japan and Adachi decided to make a film about it, REVOLUTION+1, telling the story from the attacker's point of view , Yagami Tetsuya (in the film changed to Kawakami Tatsuya). It is a deliberately problematic film in which many themes, such as love for family and the intimate relationship between religion and politics, are addressed head on.


Takama Kenji JSC

Tomoko Hiruta

Yoshihide Otomo; Suono Shigeru Fujibayashi

Dog Sugar

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