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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


di Kamada Yoshitaka
Giappone 2022  119'
Cast Kamada Yoshitaka
Sceneggiatura  Kase Hitomi
Contatti   Sakaguchi Kazunao

Following the bankruptcy of his household appliances store, Tanigawa Shoji decides to die so that his daughter can benefit from his life insurance. Honda Saki is almost 40 years old when she abandons her singing career which is going nowhere. She is in debt and has lost interest in life. Okubo Yukito works for a bad junk dealer and, to make ends meet, sees stolen kerosene. Shoji meets Saki on a suicide forum and asks her to kill him. He cannot commit suicide because her daughter would lose the insurance premium. The two are joined by Yukito, who reluctantly accepts to be involved in the murder-suicide. What could go wrong?

Nota biografica

Kamada Yoshitaka is a film director, screenwriter, television director. He was born in Nayoro, Hokkaido. Since 1991 he has worked on numerous documentaries, promotional films and V-Cinema. His films have been presented at numerous festivals, including the 29th Montreal World Film Festival, the 10th Pusan International Film Festival, NIPPON CONNECTION, the 13th Raindance Film Festival, the 8th Deauville Asian Film Festival (France) and the Dongfang Film Festival, where it received high praise. Currently he is involved in a variety of film genres. His latest film is Tocka in 2022.


Nishimura Hiromitsu

Saito Neko; Suono Shimazu Mikisuke

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