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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione

WE ARE HUMAN! - Watashitachi wa ningen da!

di Ko Chanyu
Giappone 2022  114'
Sceneggiatura  Ko Chanyu
Contatti  Ko Chanyu

The documentary is the first to describe the big picture of discrimination against foreigners in various contexts, including Koreans in Japan, technical trainees, refugees and Immigration Services Agency detainees. The death of a Sri Lankan woman, who died in an immigration detention center, marks a turning point and public opinion began to demand the abolition of discriminatory policies against foreigners residing in Japan. However, an even stricter immigration law was passed by the Japanese government on March 7, 2023. The film was screened at various festivals in Asia.

Nota biografica

Ko Chanyu, born in 1947, was born and raised in Japan, but is part of the Korean minority (known as zainichi) residing there. After graduating from Korea University in Tokyo he was a playwright, screenwriter, essayist and columnist. His reports Ikyo Gurashi (Tahyansari) (Living in a strange country) for one of the main Japanese newspapers, the Mainichi shinbun, were very successful and were collected in volume. He continued to deal with problems relating to foreigners residing in Japan, starting with backpacks. In addition to numerous publications, in 2019 he made the first documentary film on Korean schools in Japan, Our Children's School (Aitachi no gakkĊ).


Kosan Yu

Masao Kurose

Akasha; Suono Ichiro Yoshida

Ko Chanyu

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