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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


Closely linked to leading national and international distributors, Contemporanea exclusively proposes some of the most significant latest releases presented in main markets. Works of rare beauty of current cinematographic production, Contemporanea's films make accessible to Italian audience excellent performances of modern filmmaking that are often unknown to national distribution.


The nocturne is expanded and dilated, penetrating into the interiors as it sweeps into the gray, lightless exteriors. We are always confronted with darkness, in the continuous dialectic of interiority reflected in the convex mirror of exterior reality. In the Contemporary 2022 section are collected works that tell the dark side of authors and directors who, through visual and narrative experimentation, push themselves into a filmic beyond by tracing new cinematic geographies. Titles that are distant from each other but that represent palpitating glimmers in contemporary cinema, for by taking up the Deleuzian teaching, "The cinematic image gathers the essentials of the other arts, it is its heir, it is almost the mode of employment of the other images that converts into power what was only possibility." Within the section will be presented works that represent the mapping of the cinematic fabric of the present: The Land of the Sons, by Claudio Cupellini (who will receive this year's Medal for Valor at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest), Nope, by Jordan Peele, Crimes of the Future, by David Cronenberg, Lamb, by Valdimar Jóhannsson and Men, by Alex Garland, a journey through the shadows of a transfigured cinema, on physiognomic superimpositions and outgrowths of eidetic material, concentrating the gaze toward an always open, vibrant emotional landscape, on disturbing characters, excessive in the sense of the overflowing of the faculties of being, between obsessions and mutations.

Mariangela Sansone

Co-director Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest

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