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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


The Arcadian, sci-fi cult directed by Dekker Dreyer, finally arrives in Italy. After Simon Rumley's Fashionista, The Arcadian is the second film distributed by The Dark Side of Movies, the distribution label launched by the collaboration between Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest and Italian streaming platform CINEMAF. The film is now easily purchasable online on

Presented within Contemporanea section, during Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest's XV edition, The Arcadian is Dekker Dreyer's most iconic film. Director and writer, Dreyer is one of the most eclectic and surprising visual artists of the independent art scene. Thanks to his versatility, he brilliantly managed to make all his literary and artistic influences converge into this film, creating an atypical sci-fi thriller, evoking an obscure and dystopian world. 

The Arcadian is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where cities are dominated by superstitions and mysterious cults. In an isolated lighthouse, an old warrior has been living in solitude for years. When an old enemy suddenly returns, he is forced to join a young woman in her journey to save her husband. Will the two succeed in freeing themselves from the demons of their past?

Written, directed and produced by Dekker Dreyer, The Arcadian has a remarkable cast, including J. LaRose (from Saw), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Sab Shimono (Legends of Tomorrow), Brian Thompson (Star Trek Enterprise) e Bill Cobbs (Night at the museum). Soundtrack is made by musics of PerturbatorTrial by Laser and other independent musicians.

The Arcadian perfectly fits in the cinematographic proposal of our distribution label, representing both narratively and stylistically the dark side of cinema, of which Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest is the icon. The films is a journey both physical and psychological into a dark and suffocating universe, terrorizing and fascinating the viewer through an unconventional writing and a unique style. 

Dekker Dreyer is an American writer, director, virtual reality creator and visual artist. He began his career as a photographer and filmmaker. His first experimental short Closed Circuit was commissioned by Miramax films as a companion to the Godrey Reggio / Philip Glass feature Naqoyqatsi. He founded the video on demand television network Illusion and launched Participant Media’s television network Pivot. He is the originator and instructor of Columbia College Chicago’s online VR producing program and the current organizer / curator of the Slamdance Film Festival’s DIG program.

The film will be purchasable on demand until June 30th 2020 on streaming platform CINEMAF for 4,99 euro, and will be available for 30 days from the rental date: after the first play the viewer has 48h to see the film an infinite number of times.


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