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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione

Award Medal of Honour - Claudio Cupellini

As you know there is no shortage of awards at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest, and it is with great pleasure that this year we will present the Medal of Valor Award to a director who has distinguished himself in a special way: Claudio Cupellini.


In collaboration with Mosaic Artist Dusciana Bravura, on the evening of Friday 18 at 9 p.m. we will present the award that distinguishes "directors who have contributed to research and narrative experimentation, delving into new and original paths." Afterwards, the screening of the film in the Contemporary section, The Land of the Sons, will begin, followed by a Q&A.


Claudio Cupellini: director, screenwriter and writer, after graduating in Literature and Philosophy, he graduated in directing, in 2003, at the Experimental Center of Cinematography : Una vita tranquilla, Alaska, Gomorra are just some of his most renowned artistic products. The film he will present in theaters, his latest shot bravely released at the height of the pandemic, is based on the graphic novel by Gipi, and represents a post-apocalyptic future not so distant from the now everyday reality, capable of telling on the big screen a poem in which feelings and drama manage to find the right balance. 


Claudio Cupellini is the Medal of Valor of the 2022 edition of the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, for this propulsive force driven to want to plumb unexplored territories, the strength of a cinema without limits, a voice out of the chorus that marks a turning point in the Italian film scene, and we, we can't wait to welcome him!


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