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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


CRITICS AWARD With the patronage of the National Union of Italian Film Critics (S.N.C.C.I.)

On the occasion of the twentieth edition of the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, the collaboration is renewed with Cinecriticaweb Sncci and the National Union of Italian Film Critics which, for the second consecutive year, has confirmed its support and patronage for the Nightmare. Founded in 1971, the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) works to enhance the cultural function of film criticism and support freedom of expression and the integrity of cinematographic works.

With the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, the Syndicate publishes the quarterly magazine Cinecritica and the related webzine CineCriticaWeb; furthermore, in collaboration with the Venice Biennale, it organizes the International Critics' Week, which takes place as part of the annual Film Festival.

The SNCCI promotes the most worthy initiatives of connection between film criticism and film festivals, which have become a parallel circuit for screening films that otherwise would not exist, giving them visibility and greater usability to a larger and more heterogeneous audience, thus spreading different languages among themselves but united by a single mapping: cinema.

The Quality JuryA jury of great professional value, made up of directors, screenwriters, critics and journalists, awards the Critics' Award for Best Director of a Feature Film, which over the years has become the most prestigious award that a director can obtain at our festival , without taking anything away from the certainly most popular and always spectacular and well-attended award: the Golden Ring awarded by the public.



Made up of true cinema excellences, this year the jury is made up of

Enrico Magrelli: Film critic, radio and television author, artistic director of festivals, Cristiana Astori: Film critic and writer, Roberto De Geo: Director and screenwriter.

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