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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione

LORENZA GHINELLI - BALLAD FOR NINA. NINA''S VISIONS (Marsilio/Universale Economica Feltrinelli, 2023).

Saturday 18 November at 6pm

Lorenza Ghinelli will present

Ballad for Nina. Nina's Visions, vol. 3 (Marsilio/Universale Economica Feltrinelli, 2023).

For the first time, Nina finds herself confronted with an evil that fully corresponds to the nature of those who act, an evil that does not seek understanding or absolution.

In the background, a city in disarray in which lost individuals move, overwhelmed by the imposed confinements and climate change, crushed by a hyper-reality that annihilates any imaginative capacity.


Ballad for Nina is also and above all a story of bonds that resist like ropes stretched over the abyss, and which the protagonist will break only to be able to climb back up on her own, full of awareness that cannot be exchanged for any reassurance.

The love that resists even the tear is the only one that matters to her, and she will be able to tell her who she has really become.

Lorenza Ghinelli (Cesena 1981) has been a friend of the GialloLuna NeroNotte festival since its debut, with Il Divoratore (Newton Compton, 2011), sold in seven countries. He then published Guilt (finalist for the Strega prize), With your eyes, Dreams of blood, At least the dog is a good guy (winner of the Minerva prize), Even trees burn, Traces from silence (Marsilio 2019, finalist for the Scerbanenco prize), Bonny Boy and La stirpe e ilblood (Bompiani), presented at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest in 2022. She has been a scriptwriter and screenwriter for television and has collaborated with the Holden School for years as a teacher and tutor. She lives in Rimini.

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