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Festival del Cinema di Ravenna - XXI Edizione


RNFF 2023. On November 18th, the WeShort Award was awarded to the short film "Hole" by Hwang Hyein. WeShort chose the film, “[...] as the film seemed to us to be the closest to the horror genre. We find mystery, suspense, tension, terror towards the unknown, but also the courage to save the weakest from an unknown danger. The atmosphere of decay and abandonment, very essential, however manages to be full of meaning. Excellent performance by the entire cast, masterfully directed by the director." The WeShort award includes for the winner: WeShort Award Best Short Film, WeShort logos to use on social media and for other functions, 4Life subscription, IG post, contract for launch on the platform.

AWARD FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION_RNFF 2023. Following the screening of the short films, the award ceremony for the best short film was held with the vote of our audience. The winner was “Cults” by David Padilla who received our Silver Ring, created by the goldsmith Marco Gerbella @marcogerbella. The film, set in the 70s in a Catholic boarding school, is a satire on religion as well as a tribute to director George Romero (@culteslefilm)

CRITICS AWARD FEATURE FILMS_RNFF 2023. The Critics Award, sponsored by the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI), went to the feature film “It Remains” by Kelvin Shum @_kelvinshum, which stars Anson Lo @ansonlht and Summer Chan @ purplehuen. The jury, made up of Enrico Magrelli, Cristiana Astori and Roberto De Feo, defined the film as "A stylish dark horror fairy tale that combines tradition and innovation, a dark but at the same time delicate metaphor of the mourning process, with the hypnotic and elegant direction of Kelvin Shum, promising author who could become a cult".

INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILMS COMPETITION AWARD_RNFF 2023. With the vote of our audience, the award for best feature film was awarded to “Come Home” by Nicole Pursell and Caitlin Zoz, who received the prestigious Golden Ring, created by the goldsmith Marco Gerbella @marcogerbella. Conceived and created during the pandemic, the film tells of the victory of an apparently harmless and idyllic nature over the protagonists of the story.

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