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DER GOLEM Wie Er In Die Welt Kam

Direction Paul Weegener, Carl Boese
Year 1920
Nation Germany
Duration 91'


Paul Wagener (1878 – 1948, Berlin)

Studied law and art history. Acting classes in Leipzig. With Max Reinhardt's Deutsches Theater in Berlin, 1906-20. Toured North and South America with his own acting troupe. Film debut in 1913 as actor in Der Student von Prag. Having learned the art of expressionist lighting from Reinhardt, he began to direct at the same time.

Carl Boese (1887-1958 Berlin)

Boese was a German film director, screenwriter and producer. He directed 158 films between 1917 and 1957.

Screenplay Paul Weegener, Henrik Galeen
Producer Paul Davidson
Cast Paul Weegener, Albert Steinrück, Lyda Salmonova
Photography Karl Freund, Guido Seeber
Set Designer Hans Poelzig,Kurt Richter

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