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Direction Jonathan Zarantonello
Year 2012
Nation Italy / USA
Duration 87'


Ann, a reclusive elegant lady, with an obsession for butterflies, is surprisingly befriended by the eerily beautiful young Alice. Using her seductive innocence, Alice establishes a disturbing mother daughter relationship with Ann. Lured into her twisted world, Ann soon discovers that she is not the only recipient of the girl's affections.

Director biography

Jonathan Zarantonello In 1996, Jonathan Zarantonello makes his debut with a horror movie shot with friends in his hometown highschool, Medley. An unusual work at the time gets distributed by Troma. It is theatrically released in Italy in year 2000, earning a nomination at the Silver Ribbons awards as best first time feature.In 2000 he shoots the short movie Alice 4 to 5 pm, with Piera Degli Esposti. He begins his partnership with tv channel Studio Universal, that in 2002 leads him and Gaia Bracco to the creation of the animated strips Frank Cannazzo.In 2004 he’s creator and producer of the tv show Find me a man, 10 episodes, 52’, for the Fox Life tv channel.He writes the book “Basta Che Respirano”, in 2005 he turns it into the script for the feature film UncuT – member only, with the porn star Franco Trentalance. In 2010 he begins shooting Spoof, a movie made of 100 short parodies, coproduced by Frame by Frame and Sky Cinema.He’s the writer of the book “Alice dalle 4 alle 5”, on which The Butterfly Room is based.

Screenplay P. Guerrieri, L. Sardiello, J. Zarantonello
Producer Enzo Porcelli
Cast Barbara Steele, Ray Wise, Erica Leerhsen, Julia Putnam
Photography Andrew Strahorn
Set Designer Alessandra Montagna
Editor Clelio Benevento, Charles Bornstein A.C.E.
Music Pivio, Alvio De Scalzi
Producer Company Achab Film, Emergency Exit Pictures, Wiseacre Films
Distribution Achab Film

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