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Direction Aaron Schimberg
Year 2012
Nation USA
Duration 88'


Go Down Death is the wry, sinister realization of a strange new universe, a melange of macabre folktales, supposedly penned by the fictitious writer Jonathan Mallory Sinus. An abandoned warehouse stands in for a decrepit village haunted by ghosts, superstition, and disease, while threatening to buckle under rumblings of the apocalypse. Soldiers are lost and found in endless woods; a child gravedigger is menaced by a shape-shifting physician, a syphilitic john bares all to a young prostitute, a disfigured outcast yearns for the affections of a tone-deaf cabaret singer...

Director biography

Aaron Schimberg Aaron Schimberg is an independent filmmaker living and working in New York. He has directed several experimental short films (Late Spring/Regrets For Our Youth, Wake Up You Drowsy Sleeper and Wolf-Alice). He produced John's of 12th Street, a feature documentary directed by Vanessa McDonnell. He is a programmer at Brooklyn's Spectacle Theater, where he most recently co-curated a retrospective of the films of Koji Wakamatsu. Go Down Death is his first feature film.

Screenplay Aaron Schimberg
Producer Vanessa McDonnell
Cast Lee Azzarello, Rayvin Disla, Doug Barron, Burton Crane, Sammy Mena
Photography Jimmy Lee Phelan
Set Designer Brian Tubbs
Editor Vanessa McDonnell
Music Aaron Schimberg, Quentin Tolimieri
Producer Company Post-Original Productions
Distribution Post-Original Productions

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