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Direction Lorenzo Bianchini
Year 2013
Nation ITALY / USA
Duration 92'


An ethnologist working in the remote woods, trapping animals and mounting cameras to monitor their behavior remotely. The recordings lead him to a remote village, the site of an ancient curse, where he is trapped due to heavy rain fal.

Director biography

Lorenzo Bianchini In 1997 Lorenzo makes his first short movie, the psychological thriller Paura dentro, followed by another short about satanism, Smoke allucination and in 1999 by I denti della luna. His first full length feature film in 2001 Radice quadrata di tre is spoken in Friulian, the language of the region where Bianchini lives. After shooting other two low budget movies Custodes Bestiae and Film Sporco, in 2008 he directs Occhi, a psycho thriller produced this time by a Portoguese indipendent film company, Contracosta Film. Lorenzo draws his inspiration from some of the most famous Italian horror directors such as Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Mario Bava.

Screenplay Lorenzo Bianchini, Michela Bianchini
Producer Omar Soffici
Cast Marco Marchese, Renzo Gariup, Lidia Zabrieszach
Photography Daniele Trani
Music Stefano Sciascia
Producer Company Collective Productions
Distribution Collective Productions

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