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Direction Kate Shenton
Year 2013
Nation UK
Duration 79'


On Tender Hooks is a documentary film delving into the art of human suspension. Kate Shenton spends a year following a different people and group of suspenders. Every sunday they pierce themselves with hooks and hang in mid-air. The film shows how the ordinary human body can achieve extraordinary things. Beginning with groups in London, and then following events in Rico, Croatia and Oslo, the film depicts a wide variety of experience and opinions about this misunderstood practice. On Tender Hooks was a self-funded project. Completed in 2012 it is an example of independent film-making at its purest.

Director biography

Kate Shenton Kate Shenton is a London based director and producer. She has made a selection of short films which have played at various Film Festivals around the world. On Tender Hooks is Kate’s first feature film. It began life as a short film under the same name, which followed Damien Lloyd Davies as he encountered his first personal experience with human suspension. After success within the International Film Festival Market, Kate decided that the project had enough scope to make a fascinating feature film.

Screenplay Kate Shenton
Producer Kate Shenton
Cast Kate Shenton, Tam Smith, Charlyne Chiappone, Ana Laco
Photography Kate Shenton
Editor Kate Shenton
Producer Company Kate Shenton
Distribution Kate Shenton

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