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Direction Oliver Frampton
Year 2013
Nation UK
Duration 89'


14 year old Tommy and his unstable Father are forced to squat in a derelict ‘ghost town’ of a council estate. And begin to hear strange noises coming from the supposedly empty flat next door…

Director biography

Oliver Frampton Oliver has spent 10 years working in Film & Television Drama as a Director, Script & Story Editor, and Producer on shows like “The Bill”, “RAW”, and “Soko Leipzig”. His horror short Pieces won the Turner Short Film competition. The Forgotten is his debut feature.

Screenplay Oliver Frampton, James Hall
Producer Jennifer Handorf
Cast Clem Tibber, Shaun Dingwall, Elarica Gallacher
Photography Eben Bolter
Editor Thomas Perrett
Music Paul Frith
Producer Company Stickyback Pictures
Distribution Stickyback Pictures

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