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Direction Ricky Wood Jnr
Year 2012
Nation UK
Duration 89'


Over 400 years ago, in Scotland, lived a primitive, brutal family of cannibalistic serial killers led by their incestuous father ‘Sawney Bean’. During their reign of terror they murdered over 1000 people. Their victims were slaughtered and their body-parts eaten. Sawney’s bloodthirsty brood lived a life of degraded seclusion in underground tunnels. The clan included eight sons, six daughters, eighteen grandsons and fourteen granddaughters, all inbred. The clan of mass murderers were hunted down and dragged in chains to the gallows in Edinburgh, where they were all brutally executed without trial. BUT one survived….

Director biography

Ricky Wood Ricky Wood works in the television and film Industry since 1990. He has directed short films, corporate films, promos and TV commercials. His directorial debut was the short film Forgotten Souls, nominated for a Scottish BAFTA New Talent Award for Directing.

Screenplay Richard W. Wood
Producer Ricky Wood Jnr, Richard W. Wood
Cast David Hayman, Samuel Feeney, Gavin Mitchell
Photography Ranald Wood
Music Jody Jenkins
Producer Company TVP Film & Multimedia LTD
Distribution Jiinga Films

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