Nightmare School aims to promote in young people the art of cinema, valuing both the experience of going to the movie theatre and the experience of what's behind a film production and realization. 

Addressed to students of first grade secondary schools in Ravenna's Municipality, Nightmare Junior events for 2018 edition will propose a focus on filmmaking careers, with the goal of showing different professions which contribute to the realization of a film. The workshop focus - scheduled on October 31st at 09:30 at Palazzo del Cinema e dei Congressi in Ravenna - will be on the figure of visual effects supervisor (VFX).

Mechanical Puppets, Animated Drawings and Digital Monsters.

Brief integrated history of Special Effects, Visual Effects and Animation in cinema.

Cinema was born in 1895 with Lumière brothers, special effects first came into being in 1896 with George Méliès. Since then, as two brothers, they grew together and always got along: speeding up, double expositions, stop motion animation, rotoscoping and film drawing, mechanical puppets and animated dolls, robots and models, and then the computer came...

A love with the audience that seems endless, technology and art make "special effects" an object to be studied with passion, for entertainment or for a living.

We are going to narrate inventions of great creators from the past and current incredible technologies of the big companies operating in computer graphics, going through the history of cinema and its most famous characters, from King Kong to ET, from Godzilla to Superheroes.


Lesson cured by Giuseppe Squillaci, visual effects supervisor, director and producer, that will tell the story of special effects and visual effects through film shots and original content, showing to the audience peculiarities and curiosities of his profession.

Giuseppe Squillaci is visual effects supervisor with many films behind him, director and producer with a great love for comics and visual arts; after humanities he tecnically and artistically developed alongside Master Carlo Rambaldi, among animatronic, animation and digital effects. After several experiences in VFX and post-production, he founded CANECANE, with which he obtains 3 nominations to David di Donatello for Best Visual Effects. With his GALACTUS, a small independent production company, he coproduced animation feature film EAST END in 2017, directed by him, and is now ready for new and sensational challanges.

Hos website is


In order to submit a class to the initiative, simply send an email to specifying the class, its respective Institute, the teacher's name and telephone number, number of students and adults. Alternatively, you can phone Nicola Berti: Office +39 0544464812 - Mon-Fri 9:00-13:00, Mob. +39 3497399303.

Please note that available seats are limited and submissions will be accepted based on the order of arrival.

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