Italy, 2019 - 83’


Direction: Mauro Russo Rouge / Screenplay: Mauro Russo Rouge / Producer: Annunziato Gentiluomo / Cast: Samuele Maritan, Silvia Cuccu, Matteo Valier / Cinematography: Mauro Russo Rouge / Music: Paolo Armao / Editor: Mauro Russo Rouge / Producer Company: ACSD ArtInMovimento, AC SystemOut / Distributor: Mescalito Film

A boy meets a girl. He works at the market while she is a street prostitute. They soon develop a strong complicity. In the background, a decaying and desolate metropolis.

Mauro Russo Rouge was born on September 24th 1979 in Castel San Giorgio (Salerno). At 18, he enrolled in Turin University, Learning Science department, Faculty of the Performing Arts (DAMS). In the meantime, he attended an acting school and even now, many years later, he continues performing with an acting company called “Il Gioco delle Parti”. As a movie director, he has produced many short films, such as “Lavoro temporaneo, sfruttamento costante” (“Temporary job, permanent exploitation”) presented at Torino Film Festival in 2002 and later “Il Gioco” (“The Game”) presented at Salerno International Festival, Parma Film Festival and L’Aquila Corto Film Festival in 2008.
In 2015 he realized his first feature film “CENSURADO: Ode to Love” which was selected in various international festivals: Sanford (USA), San Antonio (USA), Veracruz (Mexico), Rome (Italy). His second feature film, “ABERRANTE”, debuted in March 2017 and took part in many international festivals, winning as the best feature film at Texas Independent Film Festival and Sutter Creek International Film Festival. His third feature film “IRA” debuts in June 2018.


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