USA, 2018 - 97’

Direction: Olicer J. Muñoz / Screenplay: Olicer J. Muñoz / Producer: Emily Beach / Cast: Madison Ford, Jacob Lince, Peter Mendoza, John F. Henry II / Cinematography: Pete Villani / Music: Jonathan Kranz / Set Designer: Adele Satori / Editor: J.C. Solis, Benjamin Cook / Producer Company: Moon and Back Films

"Nathan’s Kingdom" is a dark fantasy, coming-of-age drama about Nathan, a young autistic man struggling with his teenage opiate-addicted sister, Laura, and rather than surrendering to social services, they risk their lives to find a kingdom that once existed only in their imaginations. To cope with the hardships of a broken home, Nathan spent his younger years playing with his self-appointed best friend, Laura. Together, they invent a fictitious safe haven called “The Kingdom” and promise each other to one day find it. Ten years go by and adulthood sets in. In an effort to save the only family he has, Nathan outmaneuvers social services and takes Laura on a mythical quest: battling monsters, enduring epic wars, and confronting an underground civilization of ghouls in hopes to find the Kingdom with the potential to transform their lives forever.

A proud bilingual (Spanish) and Orange County (CA) native, Olicer Muñoz earned his B.F.A. in writing/directing at Chapman University Film School. He then received his M.F.A. in directing from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles, where he was elected by his peers to represent the directing class. While at AFI, the iconic Spanish film, Motorcycle Diaries inspired Olicer to intern at Focus Features (a Universal Company). There, he interned under Producer Joseph Pichirallo writing coverage on countless scripts, including Alejandro Iñárritu's Academy Award winning Indie film, Babel. This film and Olicer’s Mexican roots inspired him to continue exploring his culture in film and write stories that instill confidence in all audiences.

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