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The black christs. Far from Justice - The black christs. Far from Justice

di Monica Manganelli
Italia 2021  15'
Sceneggiatura  Monica Manganelli
Produttore  Maria Lina Guidotti

A visionary poem and meditation on the worst massacre of racial violence in American History, that happened in Tulsa (Oklahoma) in 1921. Narrated through 14 chapters as the Stations of the Cross, inspired also by Countee Cullen’s poetry and by surrealistic artists Magritte and Max Ernst. A visual poem, a spiritual journey where the boundaries between Memory (real-archival footage) and Imagination (surreal worlds) blend to make us reflect and sense on the human suffering and faith.


Nota biografica

Born in Parma in 1977, Monica Manganelli is a film&creative director, scenographer and visual artist, active in both theater (opera) and cinema. As a set designer and visual artist, she signed several productions in the most important European theaters. Concerning cinema, she collaborated with the Wachowski sisters as an art director for the movie Cloud Atlas. In recent years she has dedicated herself to filmmaking. Her animated films have participated in 150 festivals and won numerous awards (THE BALLAD OF THE HOMELESS, BUTTERFLIES IN BERLIN, THE ATLAS OF WONDERS). She is preparing her first animated feature film, TURANDOT-PRINCESS OF CHINA, and she is also working on THE OPERA SON and on JUDITH AND THE BODY OF WOMAN AS A BATTLEFIELD.



Monica Manganelli

Bach, Verdi, Mahler, Vivaldi, Duke Ellington, Handel

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