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2020: Life and death of a virus - 2020: Life and death of a virus

di Edo Tagliavini
Italia 2022  50'
Cast Edoardo Tagliavini, Daniele Giulianini
Sceneggiatura  Edoardo Tagliavini
Contatti  Edoardo Tagliavini

A pop-up documentary covering the year 2020, a timeline that plays with cinema and the arts in a maddening rush. This movie reassembles news, images, events and characters (collected worldwide on YouTube during almost two years), and then edits them in a kind of visual and auditory Frankenstein. Born as a very short film, as an excuse to sneak through deserted streets during the first lockdown, it has become a multimedia and experimental work about a year that will hardly be forgotten.


Nota biografica

Edoardo Tagliavini was born in Ferrara in 1971. National skateboard champion in 1990 and "professional" traveler (he contributed to various Clup Guide issues with both texts and photographs), after his university degree at DAMS in Bologna and some experiences in dance theater (Monica Francia and Teddy Bear company), he graduated in directing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Then he shot various commercials, music clips and short films, including Bloodline, presented at Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest in 2010.


Edoardo Tagliavini

Edoardo Tagliavini

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