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Atlantide - Atlantide

di Yuri Ancarani
Italia/Francia/USA/Qatar 2021  104'
Cast Daniele Barison, Bianka Berényi, Maila Dabalà, Alberto Tedesco, Jacopo Torcellan

Daniele is a young man from Sant’Erasmo, an island on the edges of the Venice Lagoon. He lives on his wits, isolated even from his peer group who are busy exploring an existence of pleasure-seeking, expressed in the cult of the barchino (motorboat). This obsession focuses on the building of powerful engines to transform the little lagoon launches into dangerously fast racing boats.

Nota biografica

Yuri Ancarani (Ravenna, 1972) is a video artist and a filmmaker. His films blend documentary cinema and contemporary art, exploring various hardly visible aspects of everyday life. They have been shown during national and international exhibitions in Venice (Biennale), Rome (MAXXI), Los Angeles (Hammer Museum) and New York (Guggenheim Museum). His first films compose the “Malady of Iron” series (Il capo, 2010; Luna Platform, 2011; Da Vinci, 2012). In 2014 he shot Séance. The Challenge screened in 2016 at Locarno Film Festival. Whipping Zombie (2017) was selected at Cinéma du Réel and at Rotterdam International Film Festival. With San Vittore (2018) he returned to Locarno Film Festival.



Yuri Ancarani, Mauro Chiarello

Yuri Ancarani, Yves Beloniak

Sick Luke, Lorenzo Senni, Francesco Fantini

Dugong Films, Rai Cinema, Luxbox, Unbranded Pictures, Alebrije Productions, Mirfilm

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