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They Carry Death - Ellas Transportan a Morte

di Helena Girón e Samuel M. Delgado
Spagna/Colombia 2021  75'
Cast Nuria Lestegás, Sara Ferro, Xoán Reices, Valentín Estévez Bartolomé: David Pantaleón, Josefa Rita Míguez Cal
Sceneggiatura  Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado
Produttore  Beli Martínez José Alayón Marina Alberti Samuel M. Delgado Helena Girón Maria Alejandra Mosquera Carlos E. García
Contatti  Bendita FIlms

1492. Three men who should have been dead have managed to avoid their fate by taking part in an uncertain journey led by Christopher Columbus. Reaching the Canary Islands, they flee. Meanwhile, in the “Old World”, a woman tries to save her sister by bringing her to a healer. Both journeys attempt to laugh at death. Both journeys are at the mercy of time and History.

Nota biografica

With their works, Helena Girón (Compostela, 1988) and Samuel M. Delgado (Tenerife, 1987) show and investigate the relationships between mythology and materialism. Their short films have been shown in several well-known international film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Mar Del Plata, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Curtas Vila do Conde, Ann Arbor and Media City Film Festival as well as art centers. They Carry Death is their first feature film. 


José Alayón

Silvia Navarro

Manuel Muñoz Rivas

Camilo Sanabria

Filmika Galaika, El Viaje Films, La Banda Negra, Blond Indian Films

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