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The Angel in the Wall - L'angelo dei muri

di Lorenzo Bianchini
Italia 2021  102'
Cast Pierre Richard, Iva Krajnc Bagola, Gioia Heinz, Arthur Defays, Paolo Fagiolo, Zita Fusco, Franko KoroŇ°ec, Alessandro Mizzi
Sceneggiatura   Lorenzo Bianchini, Michela Bianchini, Fabrizio Bozzetti
Produttore  Sabrina Baracetti, Thomas Bertacche, Samantha Faccio, Gianluca Guzzo, Christophe Bruncher, Omar Soffici, Peter Zeitlinger

Trieste. Pietro's repetitive and solitary daily life in his old apartment is interrupted by an eviction order. The old man doesn't want to leave, so he devises a strategy to continue living secretly inside the house: he builds a wall at the end of the long corridor that runs through the apartment, a vertical hiding place into which he disappears. One day, a desperate mother arrives and upsets his plans.

Nota biografica

Born in Udine in 1968, Lorenzo Bianchini began his career in the Nineties, establishing himself as one of the most interesting independent Italian filmmakers. His debut feature film Lidrîs cuadrade di trê (2001), shot in Friulian dialect, received a positive response from audiences and critics alike. Custodes Bestiae (2004) is an atmospheric horror-thriller, followed by his metropolitan noir Film sporco (2008) and by Occhi (2010), a psychological thriller. The growing interest of festivals allowed Bianchini to shoot Across the River (2013): selected by over twenty international festivals, it was distributed in Italy and abroad. The Angel in The Wall, starring Pierre Richard, premiered at Torino Film Festival.


Peter Zeitlinger

Lorenzo Bianchini, Michela Bianchini, Luigina Tusini

Lorenzo Bianchini

Vanessa Donelly

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