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di Steffen Geypens
Belgio 2022  62'
Cast Jurgen Delnaet, Maya Sannen, Pieter Piron, Mona Lahousse, Mil Sinaeve
Sceneggiatura  Steffen Geypens
Produttore   Steffen Geypens
Contatti  One Eyed Films

A logger discovers a brutally mutilated body in the forest and falls into a catatonic state. He will receive the visit of Death itself, while an unpredictable and hypnotic pattern of crossed paths unravels.

A mysteriously peculiar creation, inspired by a fable by Jean de La Fontaine (Death and the Woodcutter) and by Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon, this film is an enchanted and ferocious perceptive experience.

Nota biografica

Steffen Geypens is a Belgian director known for the short films Hold Back (2015), Silent Campine (2018) and BOS (2019), winner of the Oblique Grand Prix at Mecal Pro 2020 in Barcelona and a favorite of many Méliès International Festivals Federation members. Beside working as a post-production manager for Academy Award-winning production company Caviar, he is developing several feature films that further explore the mysterious, poetic horror vibe of his critically acclaimed shorts. After Logger, a low-budget horror fable he independently produced and shot, there is Val, in development at Caviar. In 2022 he directed the psychological thriller Noise, the first Netflix Original feature film for Benelux, which will be released in early 2023.


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