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di Jordan Peele
USA 2022  130'
Cast Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea, Micheal Wincott, Steven Yeun
Sceneggiatura  Jordan Peele
Produttore  Ian Cooper, Karen Ruth Getchell, Jordan Peele

"What's a Bad Miracle?" Brothers OJ and Em run a family ranch with their father in a lonely California valley. When the parent dies, struck by a nickel falling from the sky, the two inherit the property. While the former tries to maintain his father's business, the latter hopes to become famous in Hollywood. Their horses, meanwhile, begin to disappear. With this epic, pop, sci-fi film shot on Kodak film, director Jordan Peele continues to disrupt and redefine the modern horror genre, following Get Out and Us.

Nota biografica

Born in New York in 1979, Jordan Peele is a comedian, actor, director, screenwriter and film producer. He became famous as a comedian through a role in the TV series MADtv. In 2017 he made his debut as a director and screenwriter, gaining planetary notoriety with audiences and critics alike, with the psychological horror film Get Out, which focuses heavily on social issues such as racism. With Get Out, Jordan won an Oscar for best original screenplay, the first African American to win this award.

He went on to work both as a comedy actor and as a director and producer, especially in horror films. In 2019 he directed Us, with which he tackled similar themes to the previous one. Nope is his third feature film, in which science fiction and horror mix to address themes such as discrimination in the Hollywood industry, the power of new media, and the spectacularization of reality.


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