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A show by Sanyutei Ryūraku, a master of the comic theatre rakugo (shown in live streaming from Japan)

Master Sanyutei Ryūraku is one of the greatest living performers of rakugo comedy theater. He enjoys great success with audiences and critics in Japan: he is a lecturer at Tokyo's Chûô University where he graduated, has won numerous theater awards, and participates in various television and radio programs. He acts in numerous foreign languages including Italian, French and German.


Traditional rakugo comedy art is not well known outside Japan because of obvious language barriers. One characteristic of these performances is that the rakugoka (the rakugo comedian) must use only words and voice to entertain and make the audience laugh, while remaining in a sitting position the entire time. There is no script, no background music, and no costumes; the only objects the rakugoka can use are a handkerchief and a fan.

But, thanks to the actor's formidable skill, laughter will be assured!

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