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LABORATORIO DIDATTICO _ Podcasting e digital radio

Wednesday, November 16 - 8:30 a.m.


EDUCATIONAL LABORATORY _ Podcasting and digital radio

Lecturer: Gianni Gozzoli



What is a podcast? It is a growing medium, an original production capable of enhancing the narrative aspect to such an extent that it creates an almost intimate relationship with each listener.


Participants will analyze and learn how to create a quality narrative podcast. Beginning with case studies and practical exercises, they will tackle the concept phase, writing, choice of voice and sound, through to promotion and distribution. Starting from a reflection on how the world of communication is changing, the course aims to delve into a new way of expressing oneself and one's talent, framing new professionalism thanks to the development of technology and digital, areas in which creative and innovative professions are being born that can have an impact on one's territory.


Students: 1st, 2nd and 3rd middle school


The teacher: Gianni Gozzoli

He lives in Forli and is a web radio speaker. An author and transmedia storyteller, he has also been a voice talent, commercial voice actor and editor. He also has experience in television, as a host and presenter, and in film, as a writer of subjects and screenplays.

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