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Il Giro dell'Horror - Episodio #02: Sette Note in Meno

Il Giro dell'Horror was born in 2019 from the need to tell the story of Italian horror cinema and culture in an in-depth but decidedly personal way. 

It is an episodic format, created and written by Luca Ruocco and directed by Paolo Gaudio, which proposes the viewer to take part in a journey that investigates in depth the world of Italian horror culture: from independent to mainstream productions, from literature to comics.

To the normal documentary reportage structure, with interviews and stock footage, Il Giro dell'Horror alternates fictional scenes in which the staff of filmmakers who are the authors of the project (Luca Ruocco, creator and screenwriter; Paolo Gaudio, director; Francesco Abonante, executive producer), along with the episode's guests. These scenes veer toward comedy and include important moments of animation and puppet! Through this unaccustomed avenue, unprecedented edges of the personalities of the guests featured in the episode will be revealed.


At #RNFF we will screen Episode #02: Seven Notes Less by, where we show the meeting with maestro Fabio Frizzi, author and composer of soundtracks that have entered the History of Cinema, who in his career has had the opportunity to work with many great directors with horror in their hearts (from Lamberto Bava to Sergio Martino to Lucio Fulci). The sly filmmakers' journey will recount one of the most important moments for horror filmmaking made in Italy.




Born in 1981, Paolo Gaudio is a director, screenwriter and animator. For years he has been experimenting with animation techniques such as stop motion, cut out animation and computer graphics. Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario marks his feature film debut with which he won 14 international awards. In 2018 he received the Silver Ribbon for best animated short film for LOONEY FOODZ! He actively collaborates with Rainbow Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in the training of new professionals in the field.


In 2019 he is director of the format Il Giro dell'Horror, a docu-series dedicated to horror made in Italy, produced by  


Luca Ruocco is a screenwriter, performer, director and film critic. 


In 1999 he founded together with Ivan Talarico the theater company DoppioSenso Unico. He has collaborated with numerous print and web-based film criticism publications, from to Taxidrivers to Splatter. In 2010 he founded the portal dedicated to cinema and genre culture, which he still directs. 


He writes the screenplays of some short films, which have been awarded in Italian and foreign festivals, such as Versipellis (2011). He has signed some essays dedicated to horror cinema and its history, published by Eus Edizioni, UniversItalia and Edizioni Il Foglio. He has been collaborating with Bugs Comics since the first issue of Monsters. For the same publishing house he is author and part of the creative staff of the magazines Alieni and Gangster. 


In 2016 he writes and directs, with Marcello Rossi, the documentary Dylan Dog - 30 years of nightmares, produced by Studio Universal in collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore. From 2012 to 2017 he was part of the Fantafestival staff as organizer and selector of films and short films in competition. In 2018 he was the artistic director of the Roman event dedicated to fantastic cinema and horror and sci-fi culture.


In 2019 he is the creator and screenwriter of the format Il Giro dell'Horror, a docu-series dedicated to horror made in Italy, of which he is also a performer. Also in the same year he curates and leads a course on the History of Contemporary Horror Cinema at the IED institute - School of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication in Rome. Since 2020 he has been on the editorial board of Heroes International Film Festival.

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