2018 |
Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze 1 - Ravenna
26 ottobre - 4 novembre
26 ottobre - 4 novembre 2018 | Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze 1 - Ravenna


Submissions to International Competitions for Feature Films and Short Films of the XVI edition of Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest are open!

This is where we start, the dark side of movies, inspired by the legendary Pink Floyd’s album. We start with the dark side, not visible to the naked eye, mysterious, obscure - a side with blurred boundaries and infinite nuances, where nothing is certain, precise, predetermined. Not visible rather than invisible, lying under the surface, or elsewhere, it’s something that can’t be simplified as it continuously alludes to deeper meanings. It’s the side of cinema that is never accommodating and always inquiring, making us question the meaning of what we see, listen, perceive. If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a dark side to everything. You find it in Brothers Grimm’s folk tales, in Fritz Lang’s fantastic and apocalyptic visions, in Stephen King’s archetypes of narrative fiction, in Stanley Kubrick’s unforgettable imagery, in Homer’s poems as in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings epic.
From the Holy Scriptures to Game of Thrones, the dark side is the driving force behind every art form and Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest is its cinematographic icon.

Franco Calandrini
Art Director Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest

For all the information on how to submit your film, please refer to the Festival regulation.



We are ready! What about you?
Deadline: August 12 2018

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