Both born in 2003 and about to celebrate their 16th edition, Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest and GialloLuna NeroNotte's paths are going to cross once again from 26 October to 4 November to show the darkest and most mysterious side of literary and cinematographic production. Two dense posters, indipendent but intertwined: events and lessons in the morning, literary meetings in the afternoon, film screenings with special guests and artistic celebrities, will be the base around which many collateral events are going to gravitate.

First previews revealed at this morning’s Press Conference at Fresco outline a calendar rich in surprises and research. Starting from XVI edition’s official poster, dedicated to one of the most important events of the Festival programme: the tribute to who has been at war and lived the fate of the last while giving their lives for an ideal of freedom.
On the occasion of 100th anniversary's celebration of the end of First World War, Ravenna Nightmare dedicates its final day to The Great War special event with the screening, as revealed by first sneak preview on the day's programme, of genuine pearls of digital restoration of footage dating back to First World War. 
It's the case of Beyond Zero: 1914-1918 by Bill Morrison with music of Aleksandra Vrebalov, directed by Kronos Quartet.

Also first Contemporanea's film title has been revealed, Most Beautiful Island by Ana Asensio, who is going to present her first film to the audience during a special event dedicated to the preview.

There are news coming also from the East with the announced retrospective on Kihachirō Kawamoto's cinema as one of the main focuses of Ottobre Giapponese, Festival section dedicated to East Asia's cinematographies that this year is going to revolve around stop-motion animation.

This is just a little taste of Ravenna Nightmare XVI edition's programme, culminating in the main event's ten days but that is more and more spread, through focused initiatives, throughout the entire year.
Historical Festival sections consist of two International Competitions of short and featurefilm, Nightmare Classic, focusing on women filmmakers, Nightmare School, with boosted figures and contents, Festival Premiere, that is going to resume in autumn after winter session, Off Screen, involving meetings and conventions in collaboration with Ravenna's local bars and clubs.
In addition to these sections recalling the Festival's classic structure, a new and strategic project has been announced: Nightmare d'Essai, presenting in collaboration with FICE films that we deeply love, the ones where film genre meets auteur dimension, and last but not least an appointment realised in Regione Emilia-Romagna focusing on the role of indipendent producer.

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