Section Contemporanea, in close collaboration with main national and international distributors, is closely linked to news presented in major cinematographic markets. Our aim is to bring excellence coming from international festivals such as Cannes's Quinzaine du Realisateurs, Sundance Film Festival or Tribeca Film Festival, material which has never been seen from the audience of our territory.

Among Contemporanea's titles - in collaboration with Festival del Cine Español and distributor Exit Media - there is Most Beautiful Island by Ana Asensio, actress and director who is going to be a Festival's guest presenting her first film.
Most Beauitful Island is an ironic and disenchanted title. In the screenplay Asensio underlines many of her fears and anxieties lived and suffered firsthand when she was an immigrant in a not-so-welcoming country. In the film she shaped them in a thriller following the main character in her attempts not only to survive, but to escape from her own ghosts.

In the film there are traces of Polanski and Kubrik, inevitable masters of claustrophobia, suffocating atmospheres and inextricable conflicts. Winner of Jury's Special Award at Austin's last SXSW and Best Film at Sidewalk Film Festival (USA), Ana Asensio makes an impression with an upsetting film, to say the least, that is also a sociopolitical statement on exploitation of the weak: Most Beautiful Island is undoubtedly one of the most significant films of the indipendent circuit of the last season.

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