Nightmare Without Barriers aims to promote contents, instruments and technologies which make possible for deaf and blind people to enjoy the art of cinema.
Realised in collaboration with Associazione Quadrifoglio of Ravenna, Nightmare Without Barriers proposes documentaries and short films with deaf people as protagonists and authors.


For the occasion award-winning feature film The sound of victory by Ilaria Galbusera and Antonino Guzzardi will be screened. To follow: screenings of Esisto anch'io (Italy, 2'45'') by students of class 5C SIA at IIS Leonardo da Vinci in Rome, winner of school section award at CINEDAF 2017 (deaf film festival), and a selection of short films cured by Luna Bizzarri of Associazione Quadrifoglio.


Finally, there will be a meeting with the audience with the help of a LIS interpreter managed by the Association.

The sound of victory by Ilaria Galbusera and Antonino Guzzardi (Italy, 2016 - Documentary, 67')


Awards: Matera Sport Film Festival 2016 – Best Documentary, Basilicata Cinema International Film Festival 2016 – Best Sport Documentary, Overtime 2017 – Award Social Disclosure, Best Documentary Cinedeaf 2017, Distribution Award Eyes Made 2017, Sport Film Festival 2017 – Best Paralympic Film.


Six young athletes are champions in sport but above all in life, a life often filled with prejudices and stereotypes about their disability. The documentary tells the stories of Alice, Anna, Claudio, Mauro, Loris, Pasquale: they talk about themselves in front of the camera reporting their experiences on how sport helped them in overcoming their disability. In a society that runs fast and doesn’t pay attention to their needs, they live like invisible people struggling with difficulties day by day, all united by the desire to prove that they can succeed, regardless of their handicaps.

Ilaria Galbusera (1991) is an Italian deaf model and volleyball player. She represented Italy at Deaflympics in 2009, 2013 and 2017 as a volleyball player. Ilaria won 2011 Miss Deaf World global beauty contest. Ilaria Galbusera was also part of Italian women's volleyball team, which won silver medal during 2017 Summer Deaflympics.
Antonino Guzzardi (1986) is an Italian deaf media operator and partner of Italian Deaf Sport Federation. Being both in love with cinema, they developed the project of a documentary narrating the stories of deaf athletes and their passion for sport.





In order to submit a class to the initiative, simply send an email to specifying the class, its respective Institute, the teacher's name and telephone number, number of students and adults. Alternatively, you can phone Nicola Berti: Office +39 0544464812 - Mon-Fri 9:00-13:00, Mob. +39 3497399303.
Please note that available seats are limited and submissions will be accepted based on the order of arrival.

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