France, 2017, 18’

Regia / Direction: Philippot Just Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Just Philippot Produttore / Producer: Thierry Lounas Interpreti / Cast: Maud Wyler, Sofian Khammes, Antonin Chaussoy Fotografia / Cinematography: Pierre Dejon Musica / Music: The Penelopes
Montaggio / Editor: Heloise Pelloquet Produzione / Producer Company: Capricci Films
Distribuzione / Distributor: Capricci Films


A disturbing cloud has shaped up somewhere in the west. It slowly goes back to the center of the country, throwing the population on the roads. Towards the inexorable advance of the cloud, it is the general panic. This cumulus is acid.

Born near Paris in 1982, Philippot Just got his master in cinema at Paris's University. He already directed 4 short films, the last one, Ses Souffles, has been pre-nominated for best short movie's César in 2016. He also has co-directed a documentary called "Gildas has something to tell us" in 2016 which has been diffused by Arte. He is now working on the treatment of his feature film Vivants! which got him a Beaumarchais-SACD financial aid.

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