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Italian capital of horror cinema

28 October / 4 November 2012 – 10th edition – Cinema Corso, Via di Roma 51 - Ravenna, Italy

International Features Competition Jury

Davide Turrini

Born in 1975, graduated in Political Science, Davide writes for the magazine Segnocinema and for the website Gli Spietati. For ten years he worked as a film critic for the newspaper Liberazione, nowdays he writes about culture and entertainment for and

Miguel Ángel Vivas
Born in Seville, in 1974, spanish director Miguel Ángel Vivas is known to horror fans for his award-winning short I’ll See You in my Dreams (2003) and for his first feature, the thriller Reflejos (2002). Secustrados is his second feature film, Best Film and Best Director at Fantastic Film Fest 2010 (Usa) and awarded with Anello d'Oro at RNFF 2011. His latest work Welcome to Harmony is now in pre-production.
Manlio Gomarasca
Co-founder of Nocturno Cinema magazine and author of a large variety of books on genre cinema. In collaboration with Venice Film Festival he has organized tributes and retrospectives, like the one dedicated to the spaghetti western, and he is collaborator for Locarno Film Festival (genre cinema and special programs). He was screenwriter on two documentaries about Joe D'Amato and director of the documentary short Fernando di Leo: La morale del genere (2005).


European Short Competition Jury

Danilo Conti

Danilo Conti is a writer, director, actor and a dancer. In 1994 he founded TCP - Tanti Cosi Progetti with the author and actress Antonella Piroli. Author of many productions of puppetry and children's theater represented, internationally translated and awarded (I tre porcellini, Cappuccetto Rosso, Victor, Il movimento apparente, Il gigante egoista, Un castello di carte ...).
In 2004 he started a permanent collaboration as a dancer and as an author with the choreographer Francesca Proia. He won the Stregagatto Award for the special quality of his work.
He also participated as an actor in some films of Maria Martinelli, Edoardo Tagliavini, Gerardo Lamattina.

Roberto Artioli

Roberto Artioli was born in Ravenna in 1972. Graduated in Economy, is a professional journalist and he deals with cinema both for work and for passion. In 1996 he joined Circolo Sogni with which, in 2000, founded and organized “Corto da sogni – Antonio Ricci”, an international short films festival. With Circolo Sogni he also organizes festivals and films event.

Fabrizio Varesco

Fabrizio Varesco lives and works in Ravenna, where he directs Varesco Productions, specialized in cultural, educational and artistic documetaries. From 1976 to 1984 he worked mainly for theater, where he won awards and achievements of national and international level. From 1984 he directs and produces documentaries. He is currently working at the creation of a multimedia production center for disabled people and at the production of a documentary on the pathology of legal gambling.

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